So.. for my birthday, we got a package in the mail. We were very excited to receive as we have seen the demo and was really keen to try it out. Given that we love going to the beach, hikes and running loose, the makers of the leashlocket thought that we’d be perfect for it.

Now.. basically, it is a small retractable leash that is attachable to our own collars by means on a magnet clip. So.. if we get to run “off-leash” technically, we still LEASHED ON.. cos we are CARRYING our leash ON our collars! (Wonder how the animal control will have to say about it. We have yet to meet them here.. but if we get caught off leash.. it’s a fine of €70)

There is 2 parts to the leashlocket. 1 small part needs to be attached to the collar.

We got the small leashlocket and it is for dogs up to 55pounds, 25kg. It is niffy and fits in the palm of S’s hand.

Comparing the traditional retractable leash and the leash locket. The leash on the traditional is longer and has a bigger handle, hence you have more control. And one thing is for sure.. if you are walking the 2 of us. It is easier to have the normal leash. Definitely when you have to pick up poop while holding on to both of us. Unless your owner has giant hands, we figure that 2 leashlockets is not going to fit in one hand. (The leashlocket does come with a waist handle, but we didn’t get it together, so can’t comment to see how much easier it is). Add the drama/sniffing/merry-go-round if there are other dogs passing by.. you get what i mean.

But it is great if you out for an outing, where off leash is welcome, it is definitely good to have the leashlocket.

When I was ready to be “off-leash”, all S has to do is just attached to the collar, making it sure that it clicks properly (it took some getting use to getting it right – otherwise the leashlocket falls off with a couple of shakes).

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