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Tweepee loves teasing bbq
07.08.14 | 1 Comment

Tweepee will hop around in circles teasing bbq to get closer to her everytime we are in the garden. And the funny thing is that she will come close and even let bbq pat her.

Now, it has ever progress to bbq rubbing his face in her face.

must take a video to capture that.

Teaching BBQ how to treat dogs
07.07.14 | 1 Comment

BBQ gets all excited playing with Chika.

We are teaching him how to pat Chika properly. Luckily Chika is such a mellow and wonderful pup.

How fast is that?
07.07.14 | 1 Comment

Bbq is growing so fast.

Turning into one handsome dude

Happy Birthday Robin
05.19.14 | 1 Comment

Happy Birthday my funny face dog.

Miss you as always.



Getting ready for king’s day
04.24.14 | Comment?


Just like in the tradition of kingsley and robin.

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