Kingsley the Border Collie


Pictures That Are Worth A Thousand Words

Where’s the Easter Bunny?

Where’s Everyone?

Happiness is

The Object of My Un-Affections 

Faster than a flying bullet

Too much fun?

When’s the weekend coming?

My Story (The story of Squidee the ball)

Part of The Cell series

The Longest Drool

I’m on the Cover (almost)!!!

Do Not Disturb

I’m Scared

What a PAIN!

Greeting Cards

Christmas 2007

50th Birthday Card

Chinese New Year 2007

Chinese New Year 2006

All about Doggy Blood Donation

Dog Blood Types and All about Blood Donation

My Blood Donation Blood Experience

I got Todayed

Good Boy-I-AM?

My Runnings – Runs and Activities that I have taken part in

SGX Bull Run, 10 Nov 2007, 2.8km – First place

Shape Run, 8 Sept 2007, 5km

PAssion Run, 8 Jul 2007, 5km

Anlene Orchard Mile, 10 Jun 2007, 1 mile

Aware Women’s Outdoor Challenge, 24 Mar 2007, 8km

SGX Bull Run, 11 Nov 2006, 1.5km

Great Eastern Women’s Run, 30 Oct 2006, 10km

ISBG Cross Country Run, 29 Jul 2006, 5.8km

JP Morgan Run, 26 Apr 2006, 5 km