Kingsley the Border Collie

About me

I am a 5 year old Border Collie from Australia. After coming to Singapore, I stayed with a family. However, I really unhappy there as I didn’t get to go out much.. and I wasn’t treated really nicely. I guess with all the treatment, I wasn’t very well behaved either. I was given up to a shelter (mutts and mittens) after attempting to bite the OLD LADY of the HOUSE when she tried to hit my care-giver, who was the maid.

After getting much love, care, concern and training from Uncle Cohen and Aunty Kat… i was ready to look for someone to love.

Came along S (her initials, my human companion) who was looking for a dog to love too.. and she found me.. and despite of my naughty tricks.. she fell in love with me.. and she took me home.. just in time to celebrate my birthday on 3 October.

And needless to say, I’ve gotten a new lease of life. I am a hiking, hashing, frisbee, swimming enthusiast and agility, jumpers and model wannabe (looking at all the pictures of me).

About her? She’s loves books and taking pictures and is little bit wacky and fun. I do enjoy being with her, whether it’s hiking, hashing, swimming, roller blading or just walking. We get to enjoy the outdoors and get my pictures taken.

That's us hiking

Just in case you want to find out more about me, you can read here
“I’m that dog! Who are you?” meme

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*wags tail*

(updated 25 August 2007)