Been 3 years

09.17.15 | 1 Comment

Dear Kingsley,

It has been 3 years since you left us for the rainbow bridge.

I think of you often. And especially now that bbq is becoming a big fan of doggies. He would have love to have gotten to know you and Robin.

On days, he would insist on bringing his toy dog out for a walk.



And he got his sit command down really well.


Even better than Yettel. You do remember her right?

And he has taken to walking Bink too. One of the new additions to the neighbourhood.

Tweepee is doing really well.

Bbq has taken to feeding her on most mornings.

Isn’t it sweet?

And she’d wanna join in the fun when the boys are rolling on the lawn!

Oh.. And boys yes!

There 2 of them now in the house.

Wish you and Robin were here.

1 Comment

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