Robin van der Heijden

03.12.13 | 4 Comments

One of the last things that Robin did, was to sign his name with his pee.


He was such a unique dog and vould always make me laugh with his crazy face and boing bojng antics. I am so heart broken that he is no longer with us. I miss him so much.


Robin van der Heijden
13 May 1999 – 10 March 2013


Go run free and boing all you want, for your heart is healed and young again, legs are strong and steady.

When you see Kingsley, tell him that i love him and am thinking of him. Don’t let him bully you. Look after each other.


When the time comes and you hear me calling both of you and Tori, come to me quickly for i cannot bear to be apart from you all more than a second longer than necessary.

I love you and thank you for being part of my life.



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