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And it’s been 3 years!

03.31.12 | 1 Comment

So, now.. i have been here officially for 3 years and 2 days.

You can read about my journey over here. Starting from getting my visa and everything that i had to do to come over here, saying farewell to all of my human and doggie friends and the lovely swimming pool.

And i must say that i have really enjoyed being here.. and most certainly the different seasons.

We had yet another snow winter.. and i so love playing on the ice, as you can see in the previous posting.. playing on the frozen river and ice skating..


Running in the snow


All 6 doggies.




The snow makes everything so still, white (obviously), peaceful and beautiful!

Check out my toilet spot!


But you have to know.. it was COLD!!!!

minus 17 degrees!!


all the ice


P/s.. coming up.. SPRING PHOTOS!! and our very own easter bunny!!

1 Comment

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