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It’s been a year!

04.04.10 | 1 Comment

It’s been a year! An awesome year here.

Start out with my journey here by packing up my bags.. and taking a very long 13hr airflight.. But it was all well worth it..

Got a new brother.. whom at times can irritate the hell out of me with his perpetual bounciness.

Besides that, i got to see tulips and all the other pretty flowers.

And we had such awesome adventures in our woods..through the seasons. From Spring, to Summer(all the blueberries we could eat), Autumn with the beautiful fall colours, and Winter with the awesome snow and ice!

I also got to travel around Netherlands to the Veluwe and even to Ghent in Belgium.

Celebrated Robin’s and my birthday...

And all the awesome presents i received! From the local pet store for my year long food supply, Aimee’s awesome portrait, and rabbit from Homer!

And all the new friends.. from Boelie, Mokka to the newest member, Chika!

And now… after the winter.. it’s spring again!

So here i am… back to the start of the circle… starting with the flowers!

Robin is not spared too!


1 Comment

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