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Things you can do in the snow

12.22.09 | 3 Comments


Snow face by you.

Wat can one do in the snow??

You can play frisbee for one…

Ready and go by you.

Going for it by you.

Going at full speed by you.

Chasing the frisbee by you.

Going for the frisbee by you.

Or… you can make lots of yellow snow…

It was a good place for a pee by you.

Isn’t it a perfect spot?…. And given that the snow buries everything.. it’s so fun to go sniffing around.

IMG_4262 by you.

P1060302 by you.

That’s us making tracks!

Beware of thin ice by you.

And exploring the ice!

IMG_4247 by you.

Robin’s on the way to sniff me and my pee…

P1060294 by you.

Robin found something interesting.

Exploring by you.

Guess what he saw?

Wolfhound by you.

The biggest dog ever!! The Irish Wolfhound!

IMG_4269 by you.

You can catch snowballs too.

But the best thing you can do.. is just to run! It’s so much fun to do that.

IMG_4296 by you.

IMG_4271 by you.

At his happiest by you.

IMG_4245 by you.

Right at you by you.


IMG_4294 by you.

Beautiful day by you.

Me and my boys by you.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Oh.. and we even got our lovely snow pictures published in Hondenleven (a doggie magazine here in Netherlands) and Omroep Brabant (a news channel here)

In the Omroep Brabant website by you.


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