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Got skin problems?

08.04.09 | 6 Comments

Both Robin and I enjoy our walks in the woods very much. However, all the rough and tumble is sometimes now good for us! We get bitten by bugs and ticks!

Let me tell you about the ticks here. They have the strongest jaws ever.. and i call them the death grip. The ticks in Singapore, most of the time you can remove them by hand.. but the ones here.. it took sometime for S to perfect her tick removing twist with the tick remover!

However, even after removing the tick, they almost always leave a open sore.. and that’s when K9 KlearUp comes to the rescue!

K9 KlearUp

We heard about this all natural dog balm sometime back and have been using it since then. It’s like the Tiger Balm equivlent for us! How cool is that?

It claims to be able to treat 17 common skin problems of dogs and they are:


Hot Spots and Chronic Skin Rashes: Hot spots occur rapidly and can be extremely painful. If your dog has a rash that just won’t go away, a 3x daily treatment up to 7 days will eliminate visible skin inflammation and reduce any pain your dog may have.


Cuts and Scratches: Contains micronutrients needed for cellular regeneration including zinc, copper, manganese, iron and magnesium. This leads to a faster healing time of cuts and scratches without scarring.


Minor Bleeding: The high “tannin” count (stuff that makes red wine really good for the heart) contained in K9 KlearUp™ stops bleeding quickly. This is great for when your dog’s nails are cut a little too short.


Split Pads: Great for minor damage to the pads. A high percentage of “tannins” work to close the wound while the cellular rejuvenation properties work with the body to rebuild.


Surgery: Vets give this product to their patients to aid in the healing process after surgery.


Skin Allergies (e.g. Eczema): Great at helping to reduce the itchiness and inflammation of skin allergies.


Burns: Exceptional at healing burned skin without scarring.


Bug Bites: Whether ant, spider, flea or mosquito bites, K9 KlearUp™ will soothe the skin and reduce itchiness.


General Pad Wear and Tear: Makes pads more resistant to hot summer pavement, cold winter ice and any other surface that could cause wear and tear on your animal’s feet.


Dull Coat: Rich in “fur-friendly” nutrients that give your dog’s body everything it needs to create a beautiful, lustrous coat. (People are even known to rub the compound into their own hair to achieve a natural, healthy shine!!)


Coat Growth After Injury: Creates the conditions necessary for your pet’s body to produce a rich, thick coat in record time after injury.


Infections: Natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties help to prevent infection in open wounds.


Joint Swelling: Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling in injured joints.


Acne: Yes, believe it or not, dogs get acne too! The natural astringent properties of K9 KlearUp™ help to dry up and eliminate irritating acne – without artificial chemicals.


Dry, Itchy, Flaky Skin: Natural moisturizing properties repair dry, itchy, flaky skin fast.


Fungi: Natural anti-fungicidal properties help eliminate unhealthy fungal spores before they cause disease in your dog.


Overall Itching and Scratching: Stops itching and scratching from any skin disorder, bug bite, cut, scratch or burn

The secret ingredient for the balm is Tepezcohuite. You can find out more about it here. The leaves has been used for thousands for years  to heal skin lesions and so far, we  have been very impressed by its healing powers.

Whenever we get bitten by ticks (despite using tick prevention), the more severe bites gets a big sore and these wounds takes a long time to heal.

Kingsley's tick wound

We just had to wait for them to heal by themselves. However, after we started using K9 KlearUp on our wounds… the healing process speeds up and within a day… the sore is no longer weeping and we don’t itch as much any more!

We have also used K9 KlearUp on dry itchy flaky skin (Robin has them), general itchiness, and on our paw pads, given the amount of walking we do in the woods or even on the hot summer cement ground.. and check out the difference it made!

Robin's before and after paws

We deliberately used K9 KlearUp on 1 paw only to show you the difference.. and you can see it for yourself.

The right paw (leftmost in the picture) is dry and cracked.. and within 2 days of using the balm, the cracks on Robin’s left paw has greatly diminished and looks so much better!

While I also know that some dogs are very prone to hot spots and such,  we have been very lucky. Hence, instead of using creams that contains antibiotics or steroids that might compromises your immune system, maybe you’d like to give K9 KlearUp, the all natural balm for dogs a try! And tell us how the results are.. we would like to know!

lickin' good
Try it now. Click  here!


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