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Getting my prize!

07.05.09 | 3 Comments

So, here is the front page of de Meierij, 1 July 2009 announcing the results of the Pet of the Year (Huisdieren van het jaar) contest.

The whole front page by you.

(click to read the article)

The winners for the pet categories, Big – Kingsley, Small –  Muppet the Blind Cat and Special – Mintje the Rat.

Having our picture taken. by you.

Kingsley and the blind cat, Muppet by you.

Muppet is so fearless. I believe cos she was blind from young, her owner spend thousands of euros for her eye operation, she is so amazing and lovable. She even lick S’s hand!

We got our pictures taken and interviewed.. so probably, next week we’d be in the papers again.

After that, we went home and S got a surprise for me… a present left behind when the Missus of Homer visited. She bought so much stuff from this store, Pet Design that she got free stuff!!

In Pet Design by you.
Don’t tell him that i was there… so i knew what his presents were.. and i was envious!!!
In Pet Design by you.
They really have lots of nice stuff there!

Cheers to the winner

Doggie beer!! I didn’t even know they existed!

Really? by you.
Hence my surprise!!

Getting drunk? by you.

Hic! Hic, Hic!



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