kingzleyking. Get yours at
Daffoldils time
04.04.14 | Comment?


The boy wanted to destroy all the flowers with reach!



He is growing too fast!

I had to laugh
03.24.14 | Comment?

Lee Hsien Loong, pm of Singapore is in nl ( den haag ) for the nuclear summit.

From his instagram account, he was shown around and offered a herring.

The picture is hilarious.


We eat it raw, fresh, deboned and degutted. It is yummy, just like sashimi.

Pity he turned it down.

Every visitor that i have offered to, loved them.



And here’s me eating.


And there’s only one way to eat it.


We miss you
03.09.14 | 1 Comment

A year flew past and you are on our minds.

Hope that you are having a blast sniffing all the butts over the rainbow bridge. Say hi to Kingsley too. Tell him that tweepee is good and well.


Time flies…
02.14.14 | 1 Comment

Q is growing up so well. He is such a happy baby.

One must be in touch with his/her femininity. In my defence, i saw the pic on the website as white and got it as it was on sale. H says.. If he bats for the other team.. It is my fault :)

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy New Year
01.04.14 | 1 Comment

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us.

We hope that 2014 will be awesome!

lots of love..

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