kingzleyking. Get yours at
03.11.15 | 1 Comment

We are thinking of you.

Hope the rabbits are there for you to chase, Kingsley is there for you to pester and you get to eat all your favourite food.

Big hugs and kisses from all of us.

Missing you
09.17.14 | 2 Comments

Been 2 years today and i am thinking of you, kingsley.

Wish you are here with us. And hope that you are having a blast in doggy heaven.

So many of your friends have gone over to the Rainbow Bridge this past year. Queen Winky, Micky and most recently, Buddy. You guys can set up your own fly ball, agility, and even swimming team.


We have recently celebrated bbq’s 1st birthday. He is turning out to be such a doggy lover. Wish that you and Robin can be here to play with him.


I love you always.


National Day of Mourning
07.23.14 | 1 Comment


Tweepee loves teasing bbq
07.08.14 | 1 Comment

Tweepee will hop around in circles teasing bbq to get closer to her everytime we are in the garden. And the funny thing is that she will come close and even let bbq pat her.

Now, it has ever progress to bbq rubbing his face in her face.

must take a video to capture that.

Teaching BBQ how to treat dogs
07.07.14 | 1 Comment

BBQ gets all excited playing with Chika.

We are teaching him how to pat Chika properly. Luckily Chika is such a mellow and wonderful pup.

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